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Our Family

Is awesome. To us at least. We are a mom and a dad raising two amazing littles in Lakeland, Florida. While not perfect, we strive each and every day to love greater, forgive more, and raise our children with grace and intention. Through our journey, we hope to share our experiences in hopes that it will bring your family closer together.

Our Designs

Design is a reflection of personality, and our designs allow you to express yours. We invest in local artists to create hand-crafted designs just for you. Each design is unique and special, the way you, your child, and your relationship are unique and special.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen families through thoughtfully designed products that provide healthy and nurturing experiences for parents and children. Parenting can have its hard moments, but it also provides the most fulfilling, joyful, emotions that a person can’t experience anywhere else. We at Little Remi™ want to be a part of providing those experiences to parents. It has always been important to us that our children grow up in a strong, healthy, resilient home, and we want every child to have that same opportunity, so we are committed to giving back to families and organizations that are committed to strengthening families in their communities.

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